Poll suggests Danny Alexander will lose

17 June 2014

Danny Alexander, MP (Parliamentary photo)

Danny Alexander, MP (Parliamentary photo)

A poll has revealed that Danny Alexander, M.P., may lose his Westminster seat in the May 2015 general election.

Lord Oakeshott of the Lib Dems commissioned a private poll which claimed that several leading Lib Dem MPs are on course to lose their seats in the next general election.  These include Danny Alexander, the MP for Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey, who was predicted by the poll to come third if the vote was held now.  The poll shows a fall from the 40% in 2010 to 16% now.

The Lib Dems were decimated in England in the European Parliamentary Elections and they lost their only MEP in Scotland.  This Lib Dem melt down suggests that there is opportunity for the Scottish Christian Party to win the Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch and Strathspey constituency, but only if Christians will recognise and vote for the opportunity.

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Fears that Danny Alexander is a closet Tory

14 February 2014

Danny Alexander, MP (Parliamentary photo)

Danny Alexander, MP (Parliamentary photo)

Fears are being voiced in Lib Dem circles that Danny Alexander, MP, is ‘going native’ as he gets on ‘famously well’ with the Tories.

The Huffington Post reports a speech by Rob Wilson, Conservative MP for Reading East, chancellor George Osborne’s parliamentary private secretary (PPS), in which he said: “I think Nick Clegg complains quite often that Danny Alexander has gone native in the Treasury. I think there is some truth in the fact he has gone native in the Treasury. The relationship is very good within the Treasury team.”

The Huffington Post comments: “The notion that Alexander, one of the most senior Lib Dems in government, has been ideologically captured by Osborne and the Tories will not go down well with the party’s MPs and grassroots.”

Danny Alexander has annoyed Lib Dem activists by endorsing chancellor George Osborne’s plans for more spending cuts well beyond the general election in 2015.

The subject is sufficiently public that Nick Clegg was forced to defend Danny Alexander in the Commons from claims of being a closet Tory taken hostage by Mr Osborne.

John Finnie wants to remove religious reps from Council committee

12 February 2014

John Finnie, MSP (Holyrood photo)

John Finnie, MSP (Holyrood photo)

Highland MSP, John Finnie, has introduced a Private Member’s Bill in Holyrood to remove the statutory requirement to have religious representatives on council education committees across Scotland.

Kieran Turner, a spokesman for the Evangelical Alliance, said: “It is part of a wider agenda by small secularist groups to marginalise religion in public life.”

The historical reasons for religious representatives on council education committees goes back to the 1872 Education Act when church schools were integrated into the state system.

Mr Finnie’s proposal will simply fuel the argument for the revival of faith schools in Scotland.

The Edinburgh Secular Society supports Mr Finnie’s Bill.

Christians may wonder at the large number of changes to public life created by Holyrood legislation.

Mr Finnie is an Independent MSP who resigned from the SNP when it changed its policy about NATO.

He voted in support of redefining marriage.